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In collaboration with IPNETP and the US embassy of Cote d’Ivoire, CINELTA is happy to launch its Training of Trainers (TOT) Program 2020


After a successful Training of Trainers (TOT) program initiated in 2019, CINELTA is delighted to announce TOT 2020, the Exchange Pedagogy Program!  Current and new TOTs will work together with teachers in their regions to design lesson plans. The Exchange Pedagogy is seeking to address Teaching Excellence in Challenging Contexts through collaboration and networking.

Teaching is challenging. Sometimes we ask ourselves “what does an excellent lesson look like? What might a perfect lesson be like? Is it possible to achieve a perfect lesson? Where can we find people likely to arrive at excellence in teaching? Many of us, new or experienced teachers often ask if we have been doing the right things, the right way. We can’t be sure because our contexts are different. Some of us wish we could have a chance to visit the classrooms of more experienced teachers. It has never been easy, teachers are too busy.

There is probably not a straightforward answer to questions about a perfect lesson, but maybe working together as teachers can be a good step toward better lessons. Lessons that have these features in common.

  • Have a clear and achievable objective
  • Have clear instructions
  • Are written and delivered in a correct language
  • Are student-centered
  • Are adapted to the student level
  • Can accommodate different learning styles
  • Take students interests into account
  • Are shareable: can be taught by any teacher to students of the same level
  • Are adaptable: any teacher can adapt the materials to his class and context

The TOTs, in collaboration with the local stakeholders, regional “Unités Pédagogiques”, will design and teach at least one (1) Exchange Lesson.


Meet with other teachers in your region for a training or to share ideas on how to design your Exchange Lesson.

  • Gather a group of volunteers for the project
  • Set up a(n) SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook discussion group.
  • Decide which lesson you would like to prepare
  • Prepare the lesson you have agreed on
  • Choose volunteer teachers to teach in their class
  • Teachers film their lesson
  • Meet again to analyze the videos
  • Send us your best video.


You may want to pilot the lesson in a different class (or school) and improve it before proceeding to the actual filming.


The CINELTA will allocate a small amount of  funds to allow regional participants to cover logistics costs. 25 regions are expected.

Sign up if interested!

If you are interested in the program, confirm your participation before December 15.  To confirm your participation, you must form and submit a team of at least 5 people, the TOTs or team leader included. Deadline to submit is December 15, 2019.

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